Political Mastermind- An Open Letter to Regina Jackson

What is a community activist? What are the rules of the community activist? And how do you monitor those rules?

As a person who has worked in this revolutionary movement for 16 years I always noticed how kids were used to serve an agenda they may not fully understand they are a part of. One day my teacher took us to meet some white people at some random hotel in San Francisco and talk about what is going on in our school. To this day I don’t know why we were there telling these white people our problems going in the school system.

On August 29, 2016 there will be a press conference featuring Regina Jackson and Libby Schaaf discussing the great community plan that will get community input on the new police chief. Now if you think this is great, I would say in some ways it will work. You get Regina Jackson, a community organizer and leader of East Oakland Youth Development Center (EOYDC) to lead this. Sounds great.

Except this is not her cup of tea. She serves kids at her youth center, not create a committee where she is supposedly going to lead the community in talks with the police.

As of right now there are many anti-police and police watchdog organizations that should be at the front seat of this table. Someone like Cat Brooks should be there first. But Libby is smart. Or stupid depending on how you flip it.

Libby’s first day in office as mayor was going to the police station as a show of solidarity with the police force. The last mayor, Jean Quan, was not really supporting the cops like that. Occupy Oakland was confusing because of her ties with political organizations that supported Occupy Oakland and her new friends inside City Hall that supported the cops.

Libby has no problems with that because her political daddy, Jerry Brown, is pulling all the strings. If you know about Oakland politics, the police union is the strongest union in the city. That is why it is hard for people to de-fund them or create boards that could get more community say so in how they operate.

This has become a issue of late because the cops have a massive sex scandal on their hands. A sex scandal investigation that wasn’t started till May after the cop who started the sex scandal killed himself in October of last year leaving a note detailing his misconduct. After that they found out that multiple cops were using her as a sex slave. And the girl in question mother worked as a dispatcher for the police department.

This issue is big to me because it involves children. And since the investigation is ongoing Regina Jackson should not allow her children or organization to be involved in this. What if we found out one of the students from EOYDC was used as a sex slave? As a mandated reporter it scares me that Libby Schaaf has stated in numerous interviews that the public should not know what is going on when sex trafficking is huge in Oakland. This could involve multiple women who are underage and go to our schools.

I know people need to use these things as political leverage but using kids in a situation where the investigation involves kids is odd. We do need a police chief but we need to know what ways the mayor and the city administration are going to deal with a scandal that I see everyday. Furthermore take direct action to create a better relationship with the sex workers like having women patrol the strip instead of men.

I live on E. 14 in the 20’s and I see sex workers everyday. I also see the cops drive past them everyday. I have been since 2014, so I know where the suicidal cop pick Celeste Gaup up. It sickens me everyday knowing that I walk on this street and I see a cop talking to sex worker knowing potentially that he could be using her body.

This is a serious matter because some of the girls who work out there are not even from out here. So the police in multiple counties could communicate to each other about a potential sex worker they can pass around for sex, but they can’t figure where the girl is from or know how the pimps move to find out what city she is from. Are the cops really make a dent in this sex trade and if so what does that looks like?

Looking at the text messages from the cops to Celeste Gaup I don’t think they took their jobs seriously. Call me superman. Beds in the back of squad cars. Giving tips about when not to go to the blade because of raids. They would laugh about these things in their squad cars.

I think Regina Jackson should hold off on supporting this until the investigation is over. I think using kids is great way to help change key policies in government offices but I also think as regular adults we have to see ourselves as leaders too. You don’t have to be young, college educated, and boastful to be involved in this political process. This process should be handed to people who have dedicated their time to being police watchdgos because they knew that these cops are capable of doing such things when you have too much power and little oversight. So please do the right thing.

Below is a video dedicated to Libby

Featured in Desley Brooks newsletter

I am humbled and honored to be featured in Desley Brooks newsletter in my hometown of Oakland, CA. Growing up in East Oakland is interesting and beautiful. I continued to strive to make Oakland better and understand that people need to support people’s skills instead of complaining about the lack of opportunity. We create the change, from the babies to the adults. If you like more information about Delsye Brooks, Ise Lyfe please feel free to hit me.

Leon Breckenridge wears many hats all aimed at the same goal; empowering community through media and film.
After spending the first half of his childhood in North Oakland, Leon’s family moved to the Seminary area of District 6 where he spent his teenage and high school years growing up. He shares memories of taking a Capoeira class at the locally famous Rainbow Recreation Center, an ironic point now that he serves as a Recreational Leader and film instructor at the Digital and Culinary¬† Arts (DACA) center right next door, founded by Councilmember Brooks.

“My teaching style has evolved over time at DACA. I came in with a very technical focused approach, but I also found the value in letting the students do their own thing and supporting that proccess…”, says Breckenridge.

After graduating from Oakland Tech he was accepted into both Morehouse and Howard but chose SF State University to study film. He earned a BA

in Cinema from their famed department- and impressively talks at length about film nuances and history, citing Charles Brunette (Killer of Sheep) and Julie Nash as his influences- along with Eastern European films for their propaganda approach to using media to influence public opinion.

When asked about the key to being a great educator he humbly guides, ” You won’t get it right every day but if you strive for perfection you’ll get there. Teachers can be too hard on themselves. We have to be willing to mess up and learn from it. You’ll be alright and your students learn with you.”

Leon is currently writing his first full length film about gentrification in the inner city.pics pics2

Educated Gentleman Film Festival: Back to School Edition

Educated Gentleman FF

Leon Breckenridge
Eye Glass Media

To Whom It May Concern:
On September 25th at One Fam Center, Eye Glass Media presents Gentlemen Film Showcase: back to school edition. The address for the One Fam Center is 1606 7th Street and the event starts at 7 PM. The showcase is created by the nationally recognized team of Joe Cokes and Leon Breckenridge. Filmmakers for many years, they have decided to create a film about educated black men in the bay area. Eye Glass Media is about delivering quality films for multiple outlets from on-line and off-line. We deliver services to our community that will help them succeed by using media.

The two men we are showing is Shahad Wright and Theodore White III. Shahad Wright is a educated brother from Richmond who now works in Richmond as YMCA Family Director of West Contra Costa. His ten years of experience at YMCA has given him the wisdom to develop curriculum and relationship with the youth of that city and change lives. He is a graduate of San Francisco State University and has a smart and educated son. Theodore White III is from Oakland, CA and builds light fixtures throughout the bay area. His experiences on love, money, and relationships is helpful for any youth and adult who watches this.

The film will be shown at the One Fam Center, a community center in the heart of West Oakland designed to support filmmakers, artists, and community activists get the word out for their projects. This is a great event for our youth as we move forward in 2014 and find ways of helping them to be better in school and life. We also looking for school supplies for the youth we are working with.

Support my GoFundMe Campaign

Many years ago I graduated from San Francisco State University. You know what my advisors said to me? “Make films.” Sounds simple. But it is a daunting task. For me at least because I feel like I need to be perfect. But now is not that time. The time is now for me to act. That is why I starting my GoFundMe. To interact with folks. To get to know people. To help understand my skills. So please support my campaign because losing me like is losing a key figure in Oakland’s quest for social justice.¬†


East Oakland Connection

Working with the community is a great opportunity. As a man I can see that. I see that our nation needs more manpower. Sean Marshall is a great man. We met each other at the Kevin Epps’ movie Straight Out of Hunter’s Point and knew each other from San Francisco State University. Then one day he came to me about a project called Chainwheel. Chainwheel is a great project that once it completes the film festival cycle it have people talking about police brutality and oppression in America.

The fact he written and directed the film was great, but the fact he wanted to study my skills was greater. I was honored for that. He didn’t have to do that. Because honestly there are moments and time I feel like I have little to offer the world. I have broken myself many times because I feel like I am not doing enough. Sean helped with me that. Appreciate those who appreciate you. So when it was the last day of our class he wanted to do a project about me. It was about police brutality, brutality of our community, and my life inside of East Oakland. Hope you enjoy this video and I can wait to talk to many of you online and off. Peace and blessings.

Educated Gentleman Film Festival July 5th, 2014

Flyer of the year

Educated Gentleman Film Festival is dedicated to showcasing the work of men in the community making a difference.

After the movie is shown we will have a discussion about people in the community could do to help improve our people.

Donations will be asked at the door.

Video Marketing, Video for Your Business, Video for Yourself

When you are YouTube they have been trying to push that video marketing as a necessary part of your business. Not that is a bad thing but you must remember that you must pay into it. And not only pay into it make sure the stuff you are promoting is of high quality.

Video has become a part of the social media spectrum because of Instagram video, Vine, and Youtube. But unlike twitter, facebook, video requires movement, voice, and visuals. Those tasks are daunting to many people want to make sure their businesses and themselves sound good. Unfortunately in order to do that it will cost many dollars and resources you may not have.

But fret not because Oakland Parks and Recreation has an idea for you. We could show you the tools of the trade where you can create your video for your business, yourself, or someone you love. This video class can be catalyst to a career in this field or just something you can do for fun.

I have learned about being artistic from various forms of artistic expression. I have created wooden pieces, draw, and made music. For me I learn how to be a team player by learning in different ways instead of the same ways. I learn to be a better person, employer, and leader. So here is the information:

5818 International Blvd. Oakland, CA 94621

Fridays 1-3 PM 6/20-7/18

Cost $50

FYI there is also other adult class that vary.

Information: 510-615-5807 Claytoven, Andrea


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